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6″ White standing baby alpaca stuffed


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Every single one of our stuffed toys has been hand stitched by talented Peruvian craftsmen and women. Each one is unique, and no two will be the same. The picture here is only indicative of the overall appearance of the end product.

No matter how old you are, you won’t be able to keep your inner child at bay if you touch one of our stuffed toys. Those wonders are produced using natural skins, and devoid of artificial colours. Please note that no animal has been harmed or killed in the making of this product. The raw material used comes from baby alpacas who died at birth. In the Andes cordillera, due to low milk production, more than 2 500 000 alpaca babies pass away each year. For the Andean people, producing the stuffed toys is a way to earn money and to absorb part of the monetary loss. Various colors

Composition: 100% baby alpaca skins.
Care: Dab at the zone that needs to be cleaned using a wet cloth. Be careful not to get any water on the skin. If the need arises to clean it more thoroughly, then dry clean only.
This accessory made of baby alpaca skin is available for wholesale, everywhere in Canada.

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