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Beige alpaca fur slippers


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No animals were harmed or killed to produce this article. The fur used when making our alpaca slippers come from animals who died of old age. The skin of adult alpacas is much tougher than that of baby alpacas.

In order to increase the durability of this product, the fur that lines the inside of our alpaca slippers is actually sheep wool. As opposed to alpacas’, sheep hair is difficult to remove from its skin. The soles are made of hard leather. Alpaca slippers are meant for light use: to relax in at the end of the day, read a book, watch tv or surf on the Internet. They are not meant for outdoors use or to work-out in. Their durability will be proportional to the weight they will have to carry.

Even though we pay special attention to the appearance of our products, the picture here is only indicative. We can not guarantee that the color of your slippers will be exactly the same as the one depicted here as skin shades vary from animal to another.

We recommend you use our alpaca felt soles in your slippers once the lining becomes old. They will give your slippers a second youth.

This accessory made of adult alpaca skin is available for wholesale, everywhere in Canada.

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