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DNA marble alpaca short socks


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Wearing the right socks is primordial when it comes to enjoying your favorite sport, various physical activities or simply for going for a walk outside. Each activity, from walking to jogging, golfing to playing tennis or even skiing, causes different stress points on your body. Do you give the same care to your feet as you do to the rest of your body? In order to avoid injuries, feet and their weak points should be protected. The occurrence of blisters and other injuries that appear when enjoying your favorite sport can be greatly reduced by wearing socks that hug your foot while evacuating humidity. Alpaca socks will keep your feet dry, no matter what the temperature outside is.
Filled with curls, these socks will protect the more sensitive sections of the foot from irritations and will provide you with superior comfort. Alpaca socks are high performance socks; they protect your feet from the cold and excess heat while at the same time normalizing their internal temperature. Under variable weather conditions, those socks help balance body temperature and control sweating, creating a comfortable feel for the skin.
Alpaca socks are perfect for your favorite summer sports. Alpaca fibers offer comfort and softness while keeping your feet dry, even during the hottest summer days. This exceptional fiber is so breathable you’ll even wear it in the summertime.

Our alpaca short socks and designed and produced in Quebec. We are proud of this achievement. In order to make them last longer, we have also taken care to strengthen their heels and toes.

Easy-care: we recommend a cold machine wash on delicate setting, but they should be dried flat.

Composition : 70% alpaca wool, 28% nylon, 2% spandex.
This alpaca fiber accessory is available for wholesale, everywhere in Canada.

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