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DNA Moisson alpaca dress socks


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We had much fun designing this collection of alpaca socks.
Perfect to keep your feet healthy and dry, the fiber used for our alpaca socks is natural, hypoallergenic, renewable and lanolin-free.
The natural fiber that is alpaca fiber is empty at its core so it traps in the air that your body produces and provides comfort and warmth to your feet. To this day, no other fiber has been found to be as efficient. It easily gets rid of humidity: it is humidity that attracts the bacteria that in turn cause unwanted smells. Those bacteria can also be the cause of foot fungus, fungal infection and other feet infections.

Compared to wool, alpaca fiber is extremely thin. It is so fine that you would need four of five such fibers to equate the thickness of a single hair. In other words, it is four times thinner than wool (18 to 25 microns in diameter) but just as efficient. It is therefore much lighter and much less irritating for the skin. Try on our alpaca socks: you’ll never want to wear anything else, ever.
Our alpaca socks are designed and produced in Quebec. We are proud of this achievement. In order to make them last longer, we have also taken care to strengthen their heels and toes.
Easy-care: we recommend a cold machine wash on delicate setting, but they should be dried flat.

Composition : 70% alpaca wool, 28% nylon, 2% spandex.
This alpaca fiber accessory is available for wholesale, everywhere in Canada.

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