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Grey alpaca yoga socks


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The average temperature of the human body is 98,6˚F (37˚C). Most reserves of body heat can be found in the head and torso. The body works continuously to keep those body parts at the correct temperature and extra heat must be evacuated as quickly as it is produced. When busying ourselves in intense physical activities, depending on the weather, heat can be produced by our body in excessive amounts, causing sweating. The body will then try to cool down through the evaporation of this sweat so it is of the utmost importance to wear clothes, and even more so socks, that can evacuate surplus humidity. Socks must allow the skin to breathe so that it remains dry and allow for evaporation so that you can be comfortable.

This is precisely what alpaca socks do: their fibers get rid of the surplus humidity that is produced during intense physical activity.
Yoga alpaca socks have non-slip designs underfoot. Their use is not restricted to yoga: they can also be used as slippers or worn in bed at nighttime. They are warm, comfortable and durable.

Easy-care, we recommend a cold machine wash on delicate setting. Tumble dry.

Composition : 43% alpaca, 42% acrylic, 15% nylon.
This alpaca fiber accessory is available for wholesale, everywhere in Canada.

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