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Pink DNA tradition alpaca socks


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More and more people put their trust in alpaca socks, and rightly so! The fiber of the wool produced by this noble animal is of exceptional quality. Next time you find yourself shopping for socks, we would like to invite you to keep in mind the following information:

The percentage of alpaca fiber found in a sock has a direct impact on both its efficiency and its care instructions. Just like with any other product made out of natural fibers, alpaca socks might shrink during washing. We strongly recommend you do not use warm water for socks made of more than 50% alpaca fibers as it could lead to the felting of your socks. Also be careful when putting them in the dryer : hot air will rob them of their elasticity, making it more difficult for you to slip them back on.

Choose cold water to wash your socks and let them dry naturally. We would recommend you never put your socks in contact with either warm water or hot air dryers. This way, your socks will tolerate the stress of cleaning more easily and those that can resist heat will retain their like-new condition.

Generally speaking, you do not need to wash your socks after every single use. As alpaca wool is a highly breathable fiber, if the socks do not smell, then there is no need to wash them. It’s true, as unlikely as it sounds.

On the inside, our traditional alpaca socks are curly under the foot, following the Terry under the foot production technique. These socks are perfect for any outdoors activities, including and not limited to snowmobile rides, hiking, snowshoeing, hunting, ice fishing, sliding sports, outdoor skating… even for shoveling snow. The natural properties of alpaca fibers will keep your feet warm and dry. Our socks will retain their original shape over time, thanks to the use of nylon and elastane. In order to make them last longer, we have also taken care to strengthen the heels and toes of our socks.

Care : cold water wash, dry flat
Composition : 80% alpaca wool, 18% nylon, 2% spandex.
This alpaca fiber accessory is available for wholesale, everywhere in Canada.

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